Developer Guide

Welcome to the Boldist Starter! In this guide we will cover the basic developer workflow.


Advanced Custom Fields

Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) is the primary plugin that we use to interface between site content and site code. A typical workflow involves identifying sections of content within the site design that are dynamic and creating organized field groups that represent th data. The client will input data into these groups that can later be grabbed inside of the code in order to be framed and styled.




ACF Naming Conventions


WordPress File Structure (pages & parts)


WordPress File Naming Conventions (pages & parts)


Code Syntax

We prefer and recommend using “if { }” (bracket) syntax instead of “if : endif;” syntax. This helps maintain readability and consistency.


Use ACF group arrays and extract functions when possible


That pretty much covers the essentials. However, if further reference is needed check the WordPress docs, as well as the ACF docs.